In 1994, Darren Cho started his career in automotive repair working part-time at a small garage. With his passion for cars fuelling his ambitions, Darren pursued his apprenticeship in European vehicles. He worked on many cars including; Porches, Audis, Volks Wagon.Darren spent the first 2 years of his apprenticeship rebuilding motors and manual transmissions for vehicles. Darren finished his apprenticeship at Markham Honda. After gaining his Certificate of Qualification, Darren was transferred to Markham Mitsubishi as a Senior Technician/Shop Foreman. Darren moved to BMW where he worked for 6 years. The passion Darren has for vehicles gave him the motivation to perform quality craftsmanship, which in his mind he strongly believes that "It is not just your vehicle, it is ours too!!"
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